The Orchard

Oooo, that’s appley!

Real Cider from Milton Keynes

Hand-picked, pressed and packed you can bet your life that Woughton Orchard Cider is “appley!”

Because we don’t believe in adding anything unnecessary, Woughton Orchard Cider is made from apples, a touch of sugar and very little else. Full of flavour and really packing a punch, if you love still cider, you’ll love ours.

There’s a lot more to Milton Keynes than people realise and our orchard is one of the city’s many surprises. Seven different cider apple varieties grow in Woughton Orchard and this gives us the opportunity to create some tasty cider.

Working with The Parks Trust, we have recently planted a number of Perry pear trees on the site of the old vineyard. Over the years, we hope to bring the people of Milton Keynes a genuine Perry of distinction made with the same love and care as our cider.

Throughout the autumn we host apple picking days at Woughton Orchard. With free cider and a hot dog or two, they’re a great day out for all the family. Whilst the little ones might not fill a bag, they certainly enjoy trying. Fancy joining us? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out our ‘Big Pick’ dates.

Where to Buy

Woughton Orchard cider is available at selected free houses across Milton Keynes. The Bell and Bear at Emberton is a huge supporter of local producers and we are proud to regularly stock the bar with our cider.

If you’re a festival fan, you’re in luck! We try to stock as many local festivals as we can throughout the spring and summer.  We are consistently one of the top selling ciders at MK Sausage and Cider Festival.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the most up to date news on where you can grab a pint this year.

What We Stock


The preferred method for distribution and sale. Our cider is packaged in a plastic bladder within a rigid cardboard box.



Available in 20, 10, 5 and
3 litre boxes.

The Keg

The more traditional method, our cider comes to you in a 23 litre plastic keg with a tap ready to serve your customers.



A refundable deposit is

charged on all kegs.

Contact Us

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